The Story
Where Wilderness and Urban Living Meet

The majestic monolith of Superstition Mountain is the world famous icon that separates urban luxury and wilderness adventure. At 3,000 feet high, Superstition Mountain seems to stand macho guard protecting the lore, myths, stories past and the spectacular wilderness that still belongs to yesterday.

Those that have never been to Arizona think that everything that survives in the desert either stings, pokes, bites or eats meat. Well, that sounds a lot like people. In and around Superstition Mountain, one can bite-off what he or she wants to chew. If you’re the outdoor hiker type, you can meander with nature. Hike the wilderness trails; experience the desert flora, look for the Lost Dutchman’s Goldmine and even happen-stance upon exposed ancient Indian artifacts. Or maybe even come face-to-face with a bobcat, mountain lion, javelina, coyote and sometimes a black bear if you’re adventurous enough to penetrate deep into the Superstition wilderness.

For the thinner-skinned, you know – the ones that think a vacation is a poolside lounge with a Margarita and envious views, the base of Superstition Mountain offers resort luxury and fantasy championship golf framed by worldly panorama. The Gold Canyon Golf Resort comes to mind where the night skylines of the Metro Phoenix area are amazingly beautiful.

The Superstition Mountain, just east of Apache Junction Arizona which sits next to Mesa and viewable from nearby Phoenix, has long been the subject of interesting stories, mystery, Indian lore and tales of lost treasures of gold. Most are true, some are myths and others no doubt embellished through generations. But for sure, the entire Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area offers commanding experiences.

The Spanish were the first Europeans to discover Superstition Mountain and it was probably named by early settlers and farmers who heard the stories of mystery, strange happenings and how the Pima Indians feared the sacred grounds of the Apache.

You’ll discover abandoned ghost towns, historical museums and vast, wide-open hiking trails among the giant Saguaro. The flavor of the area is embellished in various restaurants, golf courses and gated communities away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Real estate is high-end luxury with endless amenity and the area resorts know how to accommodate visitors with style and pampering.

And nearby in very close proximity are the recreation highlights of the Verde River, and the lakes of Canyon and Saguaro where boating and fishing among the canyon walls offer views that exist no where else on earth. The Apache Trail running alongside the Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area has been described as one of the most scenic drives in America that leads to Apache Lake and Roosevelt Lake.

See it all. Do it all. You’ll discover how the powerful icon of Superstition Mountain offers experiences that will keep you coming back. The real beauty of Superstition Mountain is uniquely packaged with nature, golf, nightlife, luxury and wilderness recreation all in close proximity.